Consulting Priorities

  • Online information systems, projects and studies dealing with labour market, (vocational) education and gender equality
  • Standardized descriptions of occupations, competences and qualifications
  • Matching of occupations, competences and qualifications
  • Development of structured terminologies: glossaries; occupational, skills and qualification classifications
  • Translation of multilingual terminologies (+ development of guidelines)
  • Comparability of skills and competence profiles
  • European transparency instruments
  • International standard classifications: ESCO, ISCED, ISCO etc.

Research Priorities

  • Labour market and (vocational and further) education and training
  • Gender equality
  • European transparency instruments, like ECVET, EQF and ESCO
  • International studies and comparative research, e.g. on occupational and skill profiles, qualifications, recognition and validation, guidance, skill shortage
  • Guidance and occupational information
  • Analysis of occupational, skill and qualification needs
  • Working conditions, health and employment/employability, integrating people 50+ in the labour market
  • Lifelong learning
  • Non-formal and informal learning

Methods Portfolio